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Re: [linrad] Re: console switching

For some reason, I did not get the original message in this thread, but if
you are switching consoles, you are probably a problem similar to the one I
am seeing on my system.  Below is an exchange between Leif and I from

>> I have managed to get Linrad running in Boston, but I have one problem I
>> can't solve.
>> When I switch from Linrad to another virtual terminal, for example to
>> around with aumix settings, I get the message "Sound: Recording overflow"
>> sent over and over.

>Yes. Linrad uses svgalib and if you switch away the console Linrad will
>fail setting pixels on the screen, It will just wait until setpixel
>becomes successful (returns from svgalib). As a consequence the audio
>input overflows because data is never taken care of.

>You have to escape from Linrad before switching console - or perhaps,
>if you are lucky it may be possible to tell the sound system to not
>bother you with the error messages. My system does not accept console
>swithing safely. Sometime Linrad crashes. With Linrad00-48 I have been
>able to recover by killing Linrad from another console but in earlier
>versions the big reset button was the only escape. I think the problem
>on my system is outside Linrad and the improvement in 00-48 is that
>the idle loop (in wcw.c) now gives the kernel some time by going to
>sleep for short intervals now and then.


>Leif  /  SM5BSZ