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Re: [linrad] Re: console switching

Oh Hello Jeffrey-san,

You know Linux has a multitask environment and this is the most useful feature.
Like you write, you sometime want to access mixer program or simply want to
edit a file or see the CPU usage etc etc.
These are routine work at least for me.

Your feedback will be interesting and appreciated.

Kohjin - JR1EDE

PS: still looking for a dish but my yard is too narrow and family don't 
like it:-(

At 20:11 03/01/18 -0800, you wrote:
>Dear Kohjin-san,
>    I was out all day with Monica and just got your email. I have not tried to
>switch consoles. Unless one needs to access ossxmix controls, why would you want
>to switch consoles while running linrad?  Anyway, I will try to switch consoles
>tomorrow and tell you the results because it probably would be a good idea to
>access the mixer levels.
>Jeffrey Pawlan