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More stuff and how to call svgalib_helper

I have 3 new installations running with a Rage Mach 64, Rage 128 and TNT2
video cards. All work well and the last 2 pass Leifs demanding 200Hz setting
with an N=4 window. It is quite amusing with the waterfall average at 1. At
400Hz I need a waterfall average of 2 to get glitch free performance. The
AFC graph is very amusing :-) I have used svgalib-1.9.17. There is still a
problem. So that I don't get the message svgalib can' open dev/svga I have
to descend into /usr/local/src/svgalib-1.9.17/kernel/svgalib_helper and type
insmod svgalib_helper.o.

How can I make sure that this happens either everytime that svgalib is
called (by Linrad) or when Linux boots. I did it before but I can't remember
how to make boot-up scripts that will run at automatically. I also need to
know how to ensure only the bare minimum needed processes run at boot up. I
ran Linrad on the P4 1.4 Ghz machine for 30 minutes at 4 channels of 32 bit
96 khz and got 10 overrun errors, Roger w3sz has suggested that the
unnessary processes that are running are probably responsible. How does
memory affect performance? I only have 256Mb of Rambus memory in the P4 but
I have 1Gb in the Athlon 850. The Athlon 850 does very well indeed and I
think it would be more than adequate in practice. The P3 450 is only just
adequate but would be ok with a 48Khz sample rate.

Please remind me as I need to make some linux (batch?) files for my mixer
settings as well.

I have found the last few days very rewarding in many ways and almost as
interesting as working people on eme. I have ordered my WSE RX2500 as a
result and I am really looking forward to getting back on, weather and time


Conrad G0RUZ