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RE: SM5FRH raw data

Hi Conrad,

> I got a friend to download the enormous FRH1135.BZ2 file and when I ran
> bunzip2 I am left with a 500Mb file called FRH1135.out (or something like
> that, I am in the windows partition and can't see it hi). How do 
> I make the relevent adfile so I can listen to it in Linrad?

If the 500Mb file is placed as:


The adfile should contain a line like this: 

It is a good idea to allow the recording to have its own set
of parameters. To do that the adfile should read for example:

/home/demo/frh1135 /home/demo/frh1135_par

Your standard parameters will be used the first time, but 
when you exit, there will be separate parameter files for the