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linrad install help Red Hat 7.2

I am attempting to install linrad on 2 different machines which have had
Linux installed using Red Hat 7.2. The problem appears to be with the
vgalib-1.4.3 installation. I have tried to install it strictly following
Leif's instructions on the website and also from an RPM distribution.
Everything appears to be ok but in both cases libvga.so.1 is not being
produced at all. I have tried updatedb and then locate and the file does not
exist. I am able to run ./configure for Linrad and now also make. However
when I try to execute ./linrad I get the following error :

./linrad: error while loading shared libraries: libvga.so.1: cannot open
shared object file: No such file or directory.

I am logged on as root all the time. My 3 previous installations using red
hat 7.0 and older versions of linrad and svgalib did not have any of these

I also need some help with configuring my external modem in Linux, this is
not important for now and is merely an exercise in learning a little more
about the Xwindows environment, but if anyone has knowledge of this I would
like to know. Then I can move this it off this group.

Happy New Year

Conrad G0RUZ

PS One of the machines is an Athlon 850 and one is a PIII 450, I am trying
to see what the smallest configuration is that will work with the current
version of Linrad and a Delta 44, mainly for Jim UWA's benefit :-)