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Successful video cards/Linux installations

Hi I have built a new Pentium 4 and will be partitioning the drive and
putting Linux/Linrad on it soon. The old Celeron 600 I was using will be
retired. I had some problems when I set-up the old machine that I would like
to avoid this time. The first one was with onboard graphics, this simply
would not work. I ended up with an old Matrox Mystique card which worked
fine. Do any of the modern generic cards work ok, something along the lines
of a TNT2 etc?

Next question is which of the currently available Linux distributions is the
easiest to install? I used Red Hat 6 last time and had to spend a fair
amount of time trawling round for missing files, I would like to avoid that
this time if possible. Any suggestions before I start?


Conrad G0RUZ