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Linrad as an audio spectrumanalyzer

Hello Leif,
I just wanted to express my enthousiasm about Linrad as a 'simple' audio spectrum-analyzer.
Thanks to Linrad I was able to pinpoint the origin of the bad S/N  performance  of  my home-built receiver.( the origin was a badly designed AGC circuit)
Linrad has proven here to be one of the most usefull measurement equipment  I ever had in my shack.
The rather painfull exercise  of getting  Linux running was really worth the result that was achieved!
In case this could help others I give you briefly my linux configuration:
Pentium III with Suse Linux 8.0 with lir0049.
The audiocard is a PCI Soundblaster and I use the Alsa software that came with my Suse distro instead of OSS
Congratulations for such a wonderfull piece of software and many thanks.
Best 73.
Pierre Vanhoucke
Muizendale 1A,
9850 Nevele