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Re: [linrad] Proposed data bank

Hello Rein, Roger and All,

Excellent idea!
My thanks goes to both of you offering such a great data bank.

Just my one cent drop :

Absolutely need gcc version ('gcc -v') plus if available kernel version 
('uname -a')
Radio hardware : WSE, D/C mixer, simple mixer, direct audio from receiver etc
Sound driver : OSS, ALSA, distributed driver
"- Video, Monitor" should be read as "- Video card and Monitor"
"- CD drive" not necessary I think
Application band(s) : L/M/HF V/U/SHF Microwave
What about his(her) whish list? :-)

I really would like "how to set up Linrad parameters" to be included in FAQ.
I have been always frustrated with that parameters and still fighting with.

At 21:34 02/11/17 -0800, Rein W6/PA0ZN wrote:
>So if we want to get into this project, questions like:
>   - What computer, CPU, speed
>   - Memory
>   - CD drive,
>   - RAM,  
>   - Video, Monitor 
>   - Soundcard(s)
>   - Linux version
>   - computer with Linux OS only 
>   - Linux with other OS ( windows ) etc
>   - Things to avoid.
>   - Experiences in building and usage.

>For this to work we need input from you in terms of hardware/
>software, experiences in installing, suggestions on other 
>approaches etc.

>Roger and I hope to receive your inputs to that we can
>contribute in the enabling of many in the LINRAD project.

Where should my input go to, Rein or Roger?
Or, direct input to the web online?

Share and Enjoy!

Kohjin - JR1EDE