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[Linrad] Re: Ubuntu 9.10 WARNING

Interesting. I think possible need a new clean install. I have Debian,
Ubuntu 9.10 and Free BSD and no problems. Also Linrad work great.

On Dec 5, 9:35 pm, Leif Asbrink <l...@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Hi All,
> It seems the Linux development team is now making yet another
> major change to the Linux system. The 2.6.30 kernel which we
> find in Ubuntu as well as Debian squeeze has several major
> problems and I would advice Linrad users to stay with older
> Linux distributions for a while until the problems have been
> resolved.
> I am running Debiab squeeze on my laptop. I can not boot with it
> so there is also a minimal Debian lenny installation on this
> laptop from which I can boot Windows, lenny, squeeze and
> also Fedora 64 bit.
> The new Grub that comes with the 2.6.30 kernel can not co-exist
> with Windows on this machine. Neither under Ubuntu nor Debian.
> I tried to send info to Grub developers, but failed. Hope they
> already know. (See below.)
> There are many more problems with 2.6.30. The computer will
> hang if I close the lid or press the power off button. As
> a consequence the next boot will fail and require a disk
> check.
> I am using the latest software because the gcc compiler
> has better error checking. Avoid it unless you really need
> the support for newer hardware that it provides.
> 73
> Leif / SM5BSZ
> Date: Sat, 28 Nov 2009 01:29:28 +0100
> From: Leif Asbrink <l...@xxxxxxxxxx>
> To: pkg-grub-de...@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
> Subject: Grub problems.
> Hello,
> After running update-from-grub-legacy I found two problems (squeeze)
> 1) If I reboot(CtlAltDel) before having logged in, the next boot
> will fail. I have to run e2fsck and answer 'y' to correct for the
> time stamp to be in the future on the partition to boot.
> (Unpleasent, but not serious.)
> 2) I have a Windows partition also. Each time I have used Windows
> Grub will fail. It says "Welcome to Grub" (or similar, two lines)
> and then the computer is dead. I can then run rescue from a CD and
> install Grub. That makes my Debian squeeze run until I forget that
> I must always log in - or until I run Windows.
> update-grub showed errors on the Windows partition. Somewhere
> chkdisk was suggested. I do not think errors in Windows that
> I do not care about should affect how Debian boots next time.
> (In case that might be the source of the problems I see)
> My (temporary) solution has been to install Ubuntu 9.10 side by side
> on a small partition. That installs a working Grub from which
> I can boot into Windows and Debian squeeze without errors.
> This is not really a solution because after a few boots the
> Grub installed by Ubuntu will also fail and require a resque
> from the CD with a grub re-install.
> The computer is a HP6510b laptop.
> I have Debian squeeze on a stationary computer where the new
> Grub works fine. There is no other operating system on the
> stationary so problem 2) is not possible. Problem 1) is
> NOT present.
> Both computers were "standard installs" from netinstall
> (lenny Oct 17 2009) The stationary was installed soon after
> Oct 17 and upgraded to squeeze. The laptop was installed
> today and upgraded to squeeze. Something during the boot
> process in the laptop changes the clock but that particular
> step in the boot sequence does not happen in the stationary
> computer.
> I have been using Debian for many years now. This is the first
> time I have a problem (worth mentioning.)
> Thanks for good work:-)
> Regards
> Leif
> --


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