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[Linrad] Re: eme data base in linrad

Hi Jurgen,

> Finaly  we succeedeto read the call3.txt but getting the following error
> Failed to read CALL3.TXT excessive line length or field to long
> A maximum of 32 callsigns are loaded 
> Any suggestions ?
I found some info here:

"You can also obtain program WsjtMerge.zip from K2TXB, 
to combine various versions of CALLSIGN.TXT. Be sure to 
select the W7GJ format if you want to preserve all the 
data fields in the CALL3.TXT file from this site."

Linrad only understands the original call3.txt format as
supplied with the original wsjt program.

I have no idea what the different formats are now and
whether it would be easy or difficult to update
Linrad to understand them all.


Leif / SM5BSZ


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