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[Linrad] Re: Linrad053 and Ubuntu

Hi Sam and all,
> After compiling with your suggested change, I still receive regular
> [1116] errors (short readi()) when in "I" Soundcard Test Mode. I
> haven't done any more substantial testing to see whether this occurs
> in normal operation, nor can I verify at this stage whether the error
> occurs with the gcc-3.4 built binary.
> I agree it shouldn't happen according to the ALSA API description, but
> the doco is a little unclear on the semantics of blocking read calls
> in what I can only assume is the presence of signals.

I have tried to reproduce by running xlinrad under Ubuntu 8.10, but
no luck. I have tried with pixel writes at 50% cpu load and with
line writes (press 'W') at 100% cpu load for hours. No error - but 
there are of course overrun errors, particularly when I move a window,
but no [1116] errors.

Please give some more information. Do you run other programs 

Is there someone else who has this error when running native ALSA
under Linux?

The [1116] error causes Linrad to terminate. That should never
happen while one is actually listening to a DX so I will 
change it once I have some idea what the reason for this
error is. In soundcard test mode you may run Linrad with 
overrun errors from the soundcard input in case you
make the gain high. Particularly if you use line writes.

In case the 1116 error is related to cpu overload, the appropriate
action would be to empty the buffer, then wait  some time to
allow other threads to complete before reading fresh data.
That would of course reduce the average sampling rate, but
that should be the natural response to a too slow cpu.


Leif / SM5BSZ

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