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[Linrad] Ubuntu 8.10

Hi All,

The latest version of Ubuntu is extremely CPU hungry when
used with X11. Just running the system monitor loads the
CPU with 20%. Xorg, the X11 server uses 15% and the system
monitor uses 4%.  

Debian unstable which has the same system monitor uses
6% for Xorg and 4% for the system monitor.

Debian stable uses the older system monitor which is far less
CPU hungry. It moves the curves horizontally step-wize and
uses 4% for Xorg and only 1% for the monitor itself.

The above numbers are for a 2.6GHz Pentium IV.

The very high load caused by the X11 server may make it necessary 
to increase the output delay margin and to decrease the max
DMA rate.

I would recommend Ubuntu 8.04 or any other Linux distribution
if you want to run Linrad under X11.

In case you love Ubuntu 8.10 for some reason, download
svgalib1925-1.tbz from here:
The modified svgalib-1.9.25 package will compile under
Ubuntu 8.10

Press Ctrl Alt F1 to get into terminal mode and run Linrad
from there (do not forget sudo.) Ubuntu 8.10 runs at full speed
With svgalib in terminal mode:-)


Leif / SM5BSZ

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