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[Linrad] Re: Linrad & QS1R

Leif thanks for fast reply

> QS1R is licensed open source (GPL) while Linrad is free software.
> I will under no circumstances add any kind of restriction
> to the free usage for anyone of Linrad or its source code
> for any purpose. (I think the way the noise blanker works
> is fundamentally different from what one can find in any other
> radio.

And the noise blanker is second to none what I experienced over the
years using LinRad :)

> As I understand it I can not incorporate any of the QS1R
> code without restricting the free usage of Linrad or parts
> of it.

OK Leif I have no idea about such details, I thought it might be
similar like the adaption with Perseus.

> I would be happy to support QS1R in Linrad in a similar way
> to how Perseus is supported. Linrad users who want to use
> the Perseus HF receiver have to download perseususb.dll and
> the firmware files for the FPGA from the official Perseus
> site and copy them into their Linrad directory.

I played with LinRad/Perseus and it works fine - the advantage of a
LinRad/QS1R combination would be the extended frequency range, in
undersampling even 2m coverage.
> Another thing is that I know very little about QS1R because
> there is next to nothing at its home page.

Compared to your LinRad pages I agree 100% ;-)

>Just "For more
> information on the QS1R VERB please subscribe to the QS1R
> mailing list...." From what I see in the archives, this
> would be too inefficient in my taste.

OK Leif, understood, it was just a question and I thought it would be
a unique synergy to combine both projects. I'm patient...

73 Werner, DL2JA

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