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[Linrad] Linrad-02.52

Hi All,

The new version is at the bottom of

A bug in the transfer of calibration functions from
master to slaves over the network has been corrected.
The soundcard setup under Linux is improved thanks to 
ON5GN and some adjustments of the code has made playback 
of recorded files more CPU efficcient.

The first and the second FFT now run in separate threads.
In multiprocessor systems this is a clear advantage
and should make the noise blankers available with the 
Perseus at 2 MHz bandwidth. On elderly computers this
change will just add some needless overhead. Hopefully
it is small....

Bug reports are most welcome. Reports on any unexpected 
behaviour are also of great interest to me. As you all
know, the Linrad documentation is not too well structured
and far from complete. Feedback might tell me what kind
of information I should make available as a follow-up on
"linrad for newcomers" maybe some more feedback on problems
that you experience could make it clear what I should write
at "how to optimise your hardware for Linrad (or any other
SDR software)" or some other area that I not quite know what
it might be...


Leif / SM5BSZ


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