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[Linrad] Output delay margin.

Hi All,

In later versions there is a bug that may cause high
cpu loads and program freezes in case the output delay
margin is set too high. On my computer that is above 
1000 or so, so I did not notice. A bug report from 
Michel, ON7EH, who got freezes with the default 500 ms,
helped me to locate this bug which is corrected for 02-51.

In the meantime, if you have problems, something which 
is more likely on fast computers - particularly dual 
core (I think), the cure is to set a small value for
the output delay margin. Maybe 10 ms.

Other bug reports are welcome. If you get freezes or 
abnormal behaviour in any other way, please report it.

Linrad-02.50 has new features that make tuning more
convenient. The arrow keys now not only tune the frequency,
they can also be used to move the passband or to change 
the BFO. Makes it faster to get optimum tuning in SSB
mode where there is no AFC. Even if you do not need any 
of the new features, please install the latest version 
to see if you can contribute by reporting problems:-)
(But save the old version as a fallback......)

Currently I am aware of only one more problem, also
reported by Michel, freezes when trying to exit from 
playing a .wav file. So far I have not been able to
reproduce it, but with more info I hope I can find 
out what is going on.


 Leif / SM5BSZ

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