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[Linrad] Re: Linrad for newcomers

Hi Dom,

thanks to the (always appreciated) help of more experienced Linux/
Linrad-users on this reflector,
be informed, recent Ubuntu 7.10 and 8.04 releases, to require just 5
extra packages to be installed, for Linrad to be functional:


Both indicated ways for (manually) downloading these SW packages (by
Pierre or Andrea) should work equally well.
You just pick the way, you find most appropriate.

BTW: Svgalib has never been needed with the above SW releases on LCD-

If you want to start Ubuntu from scratch, insert your installation CD
in your CD/DVD station and reboot.
If this does not work,
-check your BIOS settings that the CD/DVD station is looked at first,
prior to your hard disk (s).
-it could also be your installation CD to be bad...

If you start a terminal session from GNOME, which is X11,
you need to use the "x-commands" as indicated on Leif's webpages.
(e.g. make xlinrad,  ./xlinrad)

("permission denied" error messages should remind you, to precede the
bash command by sudo ...as indicated by Andrea)

Once you've come so far that Linrad can be launched, you'll be
motivated enough to tackle the sound challenge,
where you'll notice, Linrad-developers to have moved a long way, to
ease I/O-soundcard order and support ...


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