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[Linrad] Re: Linrad for newcomers

Hi Dom,

> is is not very clear to me if the procedure written on the linrad page still 
> must be followed or not....
There is no must. People who know Linux well do it as they are
used to. The suggested procedure on Linrad Home Page should
however be very safe and it should work with every Linux distribution.

> I recall an old installation under Mandrake , wich was very painfull
This makes me surprised. Mandrake should be extremely straightforward.

> and another one under UBUNTU, on wich it was still a nightmare 
> and I gave up.
Well, Ubuntu might have various security features that prevent
you from getting privileges and changing various things. As far
as I understand Ubuntu users are not encouraged to run in terminal

> Today , after some time , I tried again....
> ------------here is a copy of what can be found on Linrad 
> pages-----------------------------------------
> 1. Install a Linux distribution on your computer if it is not already done.
> 2. If you want to be able to use svgalib, Install svgalib
> This is only the 2 firsts steps :
> Step1 : UBUNTU installation , easy and well designed ( while I'm not really 
> sure the delta 44 is seen , and how the 2 sound boards will be managed)
The secret information is that your Ubuntu installation might 
not be complete. In the good old days we always got installations 
containing the compilers, linkers, kernel headers and sound
development files etc. The modern distributions require you to
find out what is missing. Someone will tell you when you ask at this
list. I have not updated Linrad Home Page because nobody told be
there is a problem.

> Step 2 :
> test if vgalib already installed :OK
You mean it was not installed?

> download svga1925.tbz:OK
> bunzip2 svga1925.tgz cannot work as it is a tbz file which has been 
> downloaded , but never mind , Ubuntu does the unpacking after a rigth click 
> , but I spend some time to find this.

I am sorry you had to spend time on this typo error.
I have corrected the text now. Type: bunzip2 svga1925.tbz

> tar xvf is not necessary as the distribution does the tar by itself , but I 
> spent some time again to find this.
Well, you did not do exactly what the text suggested, you did a
right click under Ubuntu. If that created the svgalib-1.9.25 directory
all is fine that far. 

> Then , the make install simply gives a full page of errors as the tree 
> structure on the distribution is not the one the make asks for.
I am sure that is not the problem. Maybe your Ubuntu installation
is not complete. It might not have the C libraries complete.
I am pretty sure the kernel headers are missing so compilation
of svgalib_helper will fail, but that does not matter since you
can run without it.

> I wonder why there is no normalized tree structures for linux distributions 
> , but if problems start from almost the 1st step , I think I'm going to give 
> up again.
Your problem is trivial indeed. I do not use Ubuntu myself, but
I know others do. I hope they will help by telling you what 
packages you have to install to make the Ubuntu installation
complete - and the commands that you need to install them.

> When I see this , I understand why Windows is so popular.
Hmmm, I am pretty sure you would not say so in case you had
to install the operating system on an old computer where
manufacturers disks are missing. Installing Windows from 
scratch is usually much more difficult.........

I will follow what happens on this list and maybe updata the
install instructions to make them compatible with modern
distributions that are not complete in the way Linux always
was in the "good old days"


Leif / SM5BSZ

> 73
> Dom
> > 

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