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[Linrad] Re: Linrad for newcomers

Hello ,

is is not very clear to me if the procedure written on the linrad page still 
must be followed or not....

I recall an old installation under Mandrake , wich was very painfull , and 
another one under UBUNTU , on wich it was still a nightmare and I gave up.
Today , after some time , I tried again....

------------here is a copy of what can be found on Linrad 

1. Install a Linux distribution on your computer if it is not already done.
2. If you want to be able to use svgalib, Install svgalib

This is only the 2 firsts steps :

Step1 : UBUNTU installation , easy and well designed ( while I'm not really 
sure the delta 44 is seen , and how the 2 sound boards will be managed)

Step 2 :

test if vgalib already installed :OK
download svga1925.tbz:OK
bunzip2 svga1925.tgz cannot work as it is a tbz file which has been 
downloaded , but never mind , Ubuntu does the unpacking after a rigth click 
, but I spend some time to find this.
tar xvf is not necessary as the distribution does the tar by itself , but I 
spent some time again to find this.
Then , the make install simply gives a full page of errors as the tree 
structure on the distribution is not the one the make asks for.

I wonder why there is no normalized tree structures for linux distributions 
, but if problems start from almost the 1st step , I think I'm going to give 
up again.

When I see this , I understand why Windows is so popular.


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