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[Linrad] Re: unicast

Hi Alex,

I had intended to make it clear that unmodified Linrad and MAP65 code 
will not be able to do exactly what you want.  Here's what I wrote:

>> Neither Linrad nor MAP65 provides a runtime option to set 
>> the network transfer address.  These could be added, of 
>> course.  At present it is necessary to make some very minor 
>> changes to the source code and re-compile.

Perhaps we will be able solve your problems while at the EME Conference 
in Florence.

	-- Joe, K1JT

Alex Artieda wrote:
> Hi Joe
> Well, your answer is really what I expect BUT if the network card is not
> active MAP65 0.8 didn't Start, hangs during the Start up, I try in 4
> diferent computers and its the same, means I can not asume is particular to
> one kind of computer, I try already your new version, this runs but no
> packets from Linrad to MAP65 are received, I will have my PC with me and you
> will see in Florence.
> Best regards
> Alex Artieda
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