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Re: Linrad for beginners

Hi Leif,

OK abt superuser
02-49: has it been released, yet?
yes, the text on the I/Q trick is fine
I've not tried filling in zero for BB storage time. From what you say, when I do that the program will propose 5...

Nothing more to mention...

Good evening,


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Subject: Re: Linrad for beginners

Hi Michel,
some more critical (esthetic) comments...
No! Be happy:-)

I am glad you help me to make things look better:-)

3. Direct conversion plus soundcard
...Nyquist with capital
non-commercial: http://yu1lm.qrpradio.com/homebrew.htm

Operating systems
Add the other major Linux flavours such as Mandrake, Mandriva, (K) Ubuntu, etc.

Installing Linrad
Mention that superuser (sudo) admission is needed!
I do not think so. To install for X11 you do not need

You may need root privileges for some things like svgalib
installation or use of svgalib without svgalib helper.
The parallel port also needs privileges.

FYI thanks for the Wiki-hyperlink, BTW I've had this
error message with DMA=999 (max value) [see attachment]
OK. Very small buffers makes timing more critical. The
input was not serviced in time. Try 02-49 with the same
parameters. Maybe it is better???

Global parameters setup
at the end..."categories"

Mode parameters. First time
after screen 3, you mention: direct conversion with two channels.
Don't you mean I/Q? Sticking to 1 channel I/Q is more easy to understand?
Is the new text ok?
I have seen many confused by the 96 kHz bandwidth for a
sampling speed of 96 kHz. (Twice the Nyquist frequency)
I do not want to go deeply into it....

You say set BB storage time to "5"sec, the minimum value.
In Mode parameters.Step 1, you say for baseband storage time:
It is always safe to type "zero" to get the minimum value.
Yes. What is wrong?

Set the minimum value by typing in zero. Linrad knows
what the minimum is and will show you:-)

After the Linrad screen
and press F1. This will show where all mous"e"

1st line: "respons" > should read "response"

So far for this part...