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[Linrad] Re: Duplex

Hi Alberto,

> Seriously, maybe you installed one of those gizmo mixer that sometimes the sound card manufacturers ship together with 
> the plain vanilla drivers for the card. Or maybe Windows 2000 is somewhat different from Windows XP...
I have no idea. It is a long time since I used Windows on my stationary PIV.
I did search Windows update for a newer driver, but no luck.

> At this point the only thing to do is, as you say, to sit at a table in Florence and experiment on some laptop with 
> Windows XP.   BTW, I will be in Florence only on Saturday late afternoon to take part at the gala dinner, and the day 
> after, Sunday
> > 
> > Another example. On my laptop I tell Windows I want 48 kHz
> > and surely that is what I get into Linrad. I can see from the
> > frequency response and aliasing that the sampling is actually 
> > at 16 kHz. Maybe the hardware is 48kHz and Windows decides
> > for mr that 16 kHz is more appropriate and downsamples.
> > If it does, it also upsamples again for me.
> Well, that is quite strange... never happened to me... are you sure you still want to run Win2000 on that laptop instead 
> of switching to WinXP + SP3 ?  I did that switch many years ago and never regretted it. And I did also find that XP is 
> less hungry of CPU resources than 2000...

Oooh! The laptop uses Win XP!

For the Pentium IV i normally use Debian Etch (the latest stable release)
On the laptop I run Debian Lenny, (unstable, candidate for the next release)

As it happens, the latest upgrade changed the behaviour and now the laptop
works in duplex under Linux:-) Somthing was done recently by the
ALSA developers! The laptop uses HDA Intel with Analog Devices AD1981.
Rebooting into Win XP, and searching Windows Update for a new driver
was sucessful. The new driver is MUCH better, but still I can not
make it work properly. The problem now is that one volume control is
missing. There is only one control that affects the recording
level and I can not turn it too low because then the input saturates
without giving the full bit range in the digital data flow. The noise floor
is then VERY high, about 40 dB above normal.

Encouraged by the sucess with more recent drivers for the laptop I 
have now tried Debian Lenny on the stationary PIV. It works!! 
It is not quite OK, I have to use alsamixer for some controls and
another program alsamixergui for some other controls - but together
they allow proper operation of the ICH5/Realtek ALC655 sound system:-)

Now, more experienced, I can also run the PIV sucessfully under 
Debian Etch. It is necessary to alternate between the two mixer
programs and to select and deselect the inputs in the correct
order to avoid the output from being sent into the input.
This will be fine for now and I guess it will become easier
with time;-)



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