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[Linrad] Re: Linrad for newcomers

Hi Leif,

Here are some comments and suggestions for your "Linrad for 
Newcomers" page.  In general I found the information both 
thorough and well-aimed at the intended audience.  Most of 
my comments are on the trivial side.  I will give page 
numbers in brackets [], based on how the document printed 
for me on American "letter size" paper.

[4, near top]  "or at the local local waste collection 
point,"  delete extra "local"

[5, near bottom] It might be useful somewhere to mention the 
names of the parameter files and what kind of information 
they contain: par_userint, par_wcw_wg, etc.

[6, near bottom] "With a large bandwidth it is important to 
set a small value (SAY, X s) for the baseband storage time. 
If too much baseband data is STORED your computer ..."

[8, two places] digitalization -> digitization (or perhaps 

[9] "The WSE converters avoid LO phase noise by only using 
crystal oscillators and the drawback is many frequency 
conversions."  The conclusion that many frequency 
conversions are required is far from obvious.  (Would not 
direct conversion, with just a single crystal oscillator 
produce even less phase noise than many crystal oscillators? 
  Maybe another sentence or two, for explanation?

[10] "The digitizer may have different inputs and builtin 
attenuators and amplifiers."  "different inputs" might mean 
a variety of possible input signals.  I suggest

"The digitizer might have several input connectors and 
builtin attenuators and amplifiers."

[11] "It depends on the processor architecture, cashe memory 
etc."  cashe -> cache

[12] "Enable second FFT  -> "Enable second FFT" 
(double-quote after FFT).

"Second FFT storage time -> "Second FFT storage time" 
)double-quote after time).

"It is VERY important to set the "Baseband storage time" to 
its minimum when large filter bandwidth are used."

specify what the minimum is?

[13] "The control box in the upper right corner of the main 
spectrum (below the border to the main waterfall) can be 
used to set the total averaging."

Shouldn't this be "in the upper left corner" ?

[14] "the back transformed white points does not contain any 
strong signals."  ->

"the back transformed white points DO not contain any strong 

"If it really matters depends on the signals and I can not 
really give much advice."  (garbled sentence, re-write)

[15] I know that the individual units are all a bit 
different, but would it make sense to also provide examples 
of calibration files obtained for a particular set of WSE 
converters?  Would they be good enough to let someone using 
these converters get some idea of the potential of the smart 
blanker -- and in general, are they likely to be better than 
running with no calibration files at all?

[21] "The time when the pulser is switched off IS invisible,"

	-- Joe, K1JT

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