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[Linrad] Re: Linrad for newcomers

Hi Pierre,

> In Chapter 2, "Hardware needed between the antenna and the computer", I
> would add a specific list of commonly used hardware solutions:
> In the "soundcard" section I would mention the M-Audio Delta 44
Well, I use this one and many others do, but I do not
think this is something for the newcomer. If one uses
softrock or even an SDR-1000 I think a simple Soundblaster Vibra 16C
would be perfectly adequate and I am sure there is a very large
range of two-channel cards that have sufficient performance for
the IQ mixer to be the limiting factor. The special feature of
the Delta44 is that it has four channels:-)

> In the "Direct conversion plus soundcard section" I would mention 
> -softrock
> -Expanded Spectrum System
> -WSE converters
Good. I added these with the appropriate links.



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