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[Linrad] Re: DRM

Leif Asbrink wrote:
 > Since I have Dream under Linux on one computer and the Perseus HF
 > receiver on another computer running MS Windows I have to use
 > an audio cable to transfer the DRM signal between soundcards.
 > That does not always work so well. For details, look here:
 > http://www.sm5bsz.com/linuxdsp/usage/drm/loudsp_carrier.htm


    this has been copied from that page
 > At 22.15, the window that allows hardware control for the Perseus was moved by about 100 pixels upwards. That caused
 > something to go wrong, after that the output is no longer a narrowband signal. The problem is also visible on the
 > Winrad screen. As long as Winrad has not been disturbed by other tasks for the PC, the DRM decoder works fine in the
 > other computer via an audio cable.

To avoid what you observe (the disturbance of Winrad by some other tasks in the PC) try the following :

- In the Winrad screen, click on 'ShowOption', then on 'Show Status'
- In the small panel that will open, click on 'Lock'
- At this point push the Start button of Winrad, after choosing the DRM mode

Now things should be better,meaning that the fractional resampler has been disabled, and as a consequence the DreaM 
program works much better.
I don't know which decoder you are using, I suggest this    http://pdis.rnw.nl/norbert/inst_dream.exe
which will install DreaM 1.10.6

73  Alberto  I2PHD


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