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[Linrad] DRM

Hi All,

Out of curiosity I installed Dream on my Debian Linux system using
the instructions here:

In case you want to try this, just skip commands like this:
cvs -d :pserver:anonymous@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx login
(I can not type in the correct password so I can not log in.
Does not matter, one does not have to log in to get the desired files)

I also had some problem with the ". bootstrap" command. It requires
the libtools package but that package does not exist. It is part of
some other package. I do not know which one because I installed
several packages that might be involved.

There are not many DRM transmissions that I can find. For good
reasons it seems to me since the decoder does not work particularly
well when there is selective fading. I have been listening for a 
while on  BBC World Service (5870kHz). The signal was very strong, 
with an RMS power 40 dB above the noise floor. The QSB in the total 
power is small, only a couple of dB. It seems to me that the decoder
can not handle the rather rapid changes of the channel. I can see
in the "Impulse Response" that three rays reach me from BBC and that 
their relative signal levels varies in a time scale in the order of
10 seconds.

Stations with small or slowly changing selective fading seem to 
decode well, but most signals I can hear are not that good....

Since I have Dream under Linux on one computer and the Perseus HF
receiver on another computer running MS Windows I have to use
an audio cable to transfer the DRM signal between soundcards.
That does not always work so well. For details, look here:


Leif / SM5BSZ

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