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[Linrad] test / info

This is really just a test message to make sure I didn't screw anything 
up when I changed things to make the list more secure from spammers, 
but I figured I should put some useful info here.  So here it is:

I made the following changes:

1.  New users now need to be approved.  All who are not 
spambots/spammers will be approved, or course.  Complete freedom for 
all interested in Linrad is the operating principle.

2.  1st message from new users will now be moderated.  After that, no 

3.  The Subject header for all list messages will now automatically 
start with [Linrad].

We really did pretty well in avoiding spam, as the list was started in 
March 2005 and the first spam didn't hit until March, 2008!!

I have updated my SDR start page with a few new links [e.g. the QS1R 
webpage] and have added the URLs for the info and sign-up pages for the 
email lists for all of the SDR offerings that I listed that have them.  
If I missed an email list for one of the items on the page and you know 
the address of the list I missed, let me know and I will add it.

Have a great weekend all, and

Roger Rehr

Roger Rehr

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