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2xWSJT and Linrad + SDR-IQ

Yesterday I was QRV on 144 MHz. EME for about 10 hours and experimenting the
whole time with a configuration that allows me to run simultaneously two
instances of WSJT and Linrad in a single computer (I don't want to have more
PC making QRM in the shack...hi)

One of the instances of WSJT was getting its audio input from the mic line
of the PC and it was also used for transmitting, with my conventional
station (TS-790)

The other instance was getting the audio though VAC (Virtual audio cable SW)
from Linrad and the SDR-IQ, and it was only used for looking for other
stations in the aprox. 160 kHz band I was monitoring.

To my surprise everything was running perfectly. The CPU load of the PC (a
laptop with a Core2Duo, 2.4 GHz, processor) is normally below 30%, except
when both WSJT's are running the decode simultaneously, but even then the
decodes were pretty fast.

I'm also very satisfied with the RX performance of the SDR-IQ + Linrad, that
is aproximately the same than with my traditional setup (sometimes even

It was great to be CQing on a frequency, but being able to monitor the whole
EME band during the RX periods.  You never get bored when nobody answer your
CQ...hi    It's not like MAP65, but so far it's a noticeable improvement.

For those wondering how can I have so many windows open in a 14" laptop, the
answer is that I have a secondary 22" monitor connected and that I use both
at the same time.  If you want to have a better idea you can have a look to
the RF+AF diagram of my station at http://www.vhfdx.net/safont_sch.html

Many thanks to Leif for his support, correcting the mistakes of my initial
tests, and also to VK2KU for his helpful pages.

73. Gabriel - EA6VQ
Web-Site: HTTP://www.vhfdx.net
VQLog: HTTP://www.vqlog.com
VHF-UHF Propagation ticker: HTTP://www.vhfdx.net/spots/map.php?Frec=TIC

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> I ran my SDR-IQ into Linrad in parallel with my main FT1000MP system
> during the EME digital contest this last weekend, working some 31
> stations on 144MHz JT65B, 28 of those in the contest period. This was
> the first time I have given Linrad a long workout since I got it
> configured somewhere near optimum.
> I also used the N0UK logger because I was not interested in formally
> entering the contest, and it sometimes provides other useful
> information such as the US State of a station.
> The results were impressive. I was able to see stations down to at
> least -28dB WSJT scale on the Linrad main waterfall, so there was no
> case when I decoded a station through the FT1000MP that I could not
> also see that station on the Linrad 90kHz wide main waterfall. In
> nearly every case I saw a station on Linrad before the logger, and of
> course many stations were not on the logger at all, but were true
> random contacts.
> None of this is any great surprise, given that both systems were
> running at the same bin resolution of around 5Hz fed from the same
> preamp and transverter to 28MHz. Thank you Leif for this great
> program.
> But it was great to see and made it so much easier to find stations
> anywhere in the band. It was a particular pleasure to be able to reply
> to a CQ from Joe K1JT right on my moonrise!
> Now all it needs is a version of MAP65 running on the Linrad output to
> give decodes right across the band. I believe that this is in the
> works somewhere soon.
> Guy VK2KU
> >

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