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Re: A couple of keyboard command ideas

nh7o <nh7o@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> And as you are working on the project, I
> have another thought: All the controls which are to be grabbed with
> the mouse have easy to use deltas, ie the level control, or the BFO.
> Not so with the window borders, which require exact alignment on the
> pixel. It takes me a number of tries on this laptop screen to get it
> right, eventually I grab a magnifier so I can see. So a small delta
> there would be a nice thing. Not all that important though, as once
> gotten to the place where they are desired, the windows can be left
> alone.

On my hardware platforms (typically 1024x768) screen space is the
most valuable resource. That is why I want to loose as little as 
possible on things that are not supposed to need attention during
normal operation. That is why borders are just one pixel. Grabbing
them with a delta of say +/- 3 pixels is a bit complicated since the
associated mouse routines may reside in different threads and I would
have to take care of the situation when two borders are close spaced.

What I think I can do would be to allow grabbing from the outside.
When things can be grabbed inside a window, it is done already on the 
border line which is useless. Try to grab the baseband graph from
below by moving the mouse inwards with the left button pressed.
Likewise you can grab the high resolution graph from below
or the main spectrum/waterfall from the side.
The mouse has to be moved slowly, would you think it is of any
help to make it work this way on all windows?


Leif / SM5BSZ

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