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Re: SDR-IQ Data Rate


I really can't remember!
Perhaps, perhaps not.
It was when I first got my SDR-IQ, and I still hardly knew one end of
Linrad from the other, much less how to configure it reasonably.
I do remember that Linrad was fine under Win98SE2 (of course), but the
USB interface from the SDR-IQ requires USB2, and Win98SE2 only
supports USB1 I think.
Not running Vista here, and I have no intention of upgrading from XP
in the foreseeable future!

On Feb 14, 9:36 pm, Leif Asbrink <l...@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> > I did once try my SDR-IQ on USB1.0 under Win98SE2..
> > It wouldn't run :-(
> Did you try Linrad with it? I have an old Pentium 2
> running at 350 MHz with 520 megabytes of RAM. I have
> Win98SE2 on it and it runs flawlessly with my SDR-14
> at 155kHz bandwidth at a CPU load of 90% with standard
> parameters. It even runs without errors at 184 kHz if
> I optimize parameters slightly with only sine squared
> window at 200 Hz for the first fft.
> The second fft must of course use the MMX routines,
> otherwise the maximum speed is about 100 kHz only.
> Is there someone who would like to try under Windows Vista?
> I still do not know if it works either with soundcards or
> with SDR-IQ/14
> 73
> Leif / SM5BSZ
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