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Re: SDR-IQ Data Rate

Hi Guy,

> I did once try my SDR-IQ on USB1.0 under Win98SE2..
> It wouldn't run :-(
Did you try Linrad with it? I have an old Pentium 2
running at 350 MHz with 520 megabytes of RAM. I have
Win98SE2 on it and it runs flawlessly with my SDR-14  
at 155kHz bandwidth at a CPU load of 90% with standard
parameters. It even runs without errors at 184 kHz if
I optimize parameters slightly with only sine squared 
window at 200 Hz for the first fft. 

The second fft must of course use the MMX routines, 
otherwise the maximum speed is about 100 kHz only.

Is there someone who would like to try under Windows Vista?
I still do not know if it works either with soundcards or
with SDR-IQ/14


Leif / SM5BSZ

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