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Re: Piping audio from Linrad to other applications?

g3wie wrote:

> However, be sure that your proposed soundcard is *fully* supported.

Yes, there's the rub. Not many are, but the Indigo I/O does have a
driver and some have gotten it to work. The ALSA sound card matrix has
the details, usually. There is a good choice, from RME, if you want to
pay US$800. (!) Otherwise, the coverage is spotty for affordable

sm5bsz wrote:

>Are you sure there is no mistake? I find it unbelievable that
>IMD or noise could be so high that it could affect the sound
>quality of an SSB or CW signal.

Oh, the signals sound fine, no problem there. But the self noise of
internal laptop sound systems is typically quite a bit higher than
your Delta, about -75dB with line inputs shorted. So it is not very
sensitive. The frequency response is far from flat, and the linearity
is noticeably poor with a sine on the input. So it is not hard to
improve on it with an external card. I have had an Audiophile 2496 in
a desktop system, and the difference is great, as would be expected.

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