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Re: Piping audio from Linrad to other applications?

> nh7o <n...@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>Installation looks like a
>bit of a journey, but hey, this is Linux. I suspect this functionality
>is available directly in ALSA as well, but it is a long road to
>decifer the .asoundrc syntax, at least for me.

>I am looking at the Echo
>Indigo I/O PCMCIA for better sound.

I'm looking at (can't say using yet - see below) Linrad in linux, I
run Debian sid which only uses ALSA so it's legacy compatibility is ok
as far as I can tell.

However, be sure that your proposed soundcard is *fully* supported. I
bought a Sound Blaster Live 24bit  usb box from ebay. Although it
works, Alsamixer only shows one control (PCM) for each of input and
output, and these don't affect the sound at all! I've dug into the
Alsa syntax and written some .asoundrc stuff but it makes no

The internal sound (it's a desktop PC) is the ALC883 chip and that has
Alsamixer controls by the dozen which work. I wanted to pipe the audio
around using usb, so I'm stumped at the moment. I'll have a look at
the driver source, but suspect I'll find some mutterings about no data
available from Creative.

Chris g3wie
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