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Re: MAP65/Linrad


Just joined the group and I will be trying to do the same as Ken: run
SDR-IQ for MAP65.  I have just purchased a 2.0 GB DELL with 2GB memory
and it runs the Intel duoCore2 cpu.  I had the 160GB HD partitioned
with the though of loading Linux on one.  XP is resident on the first
partition.  Total newbie to Linux and will need to chose which version
of Linux.  More later.

Ed - KL7UW

On Jan 2, 11:02 am, VK2KU <vk...@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Thanks, Leif. I'll try it.
> 73  Guy
> On Jan 2, 11:47 pm, Leif Asbrink <l...@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> > Hi Guy,
> > Have you tried to decimate by 693=7*9*11 to get 96.199 kHz ?
> > It will be a 0.2% error in sampling rate "only".
> > Joe writes:"I have learned that some sound cards exhibit
> > errors as large as 0.6% in their sampling rates. The JT65
> > decoders presently in WSJT do not attempt to correct for
> > such errors, and sensitivity suffers unnecessarily."
> > So at 0.6% there might be some detection and I would guess
> > sensitivity loss is quadratic in nature for this kind
> > of error. Could be worth trying:-)
> > Another possibillity would be to set the Linrad output
> > to 96 kHz. I guess MAP65 does not accept soundcard input
> > so you would have to run a second issue of linrad to
> > sample the 96 kHz signal and send it to the network.
> > (Ridiculously inefficient, but it could work. On my
> > laptop cpu load is 40%, but it is a Centrino duo)- Hide quoted text -
> - Show quoted text -
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