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Re: MAP65/Linrad

Thanks, Leif. I'll try it.

73  Guy

On Jan 2, 11:47 pm, Leif Asbrink <l...@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Hi Guy,

> Have you tried to decimate by 693=7*9*11 to get 96.199 kHz ?
> It will be a 0.2% error in sampling rate "only".
> Joe writes:"I have learned that some sound cards exhibit
> errors as large as 0.6% in their sampling rates. The JT65
> decoders presently in WSJT do not attempt to correct for
> such errors, and sensitivity suffers unnecessarily."
> So at 0.6% there might be some detection and I would guess
> sensitivity loss is quadratic in nature for this kind
> of error. Could be worth trying:-)
> Another possibillity would be to set the Linrad output
> to 96 kHz. I guess MAP65 does not accept soundcard input
> so you would have to run a second issue of linrad to
> sample the 96 kHz signal and send it to the network.
> (Ridiculously inefficient, but it could work. On my
> laptop cpu load is 40%, but it is a Centrino duo)
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