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[Linrad] Re: CAT control from MAP65-IQ

Hi Gabriel and all,

Your idea is exactly the right thing to do.  I have an external program 
coded for my own station that takes care of tracking the moon, selecting 
the desired band (from 1.8 MHz to 2.3 GHz), and setting the Tx 
frequency.  This program reads the file azel.dat to get sun/moon 
pointing information and the specified QSO frequency.

When you click the MAP65 button "Set Tx Freq", the tx frequency 
(actually, the offset from band edge in kHz) is written to azel.dat. 
The number following the frequency is set to 1; one second later it 
reverts to 0.  The external program watches for the second number to 
change from 0 to 1; when it does to, the frequency is set to the 

	-- 73, Joe, K1JT

Gabriel - EA6VQ wrote:
> Hello Joe,
> What's the right way to set QRG of my TS-790 from MAP65-IQ?
> I have no problem to write the code to set the QRG via CAT, but I don't know
> what is the best way to get the operating QRG from MAP65-IQ.
> I notice that the operating frequency is in the file azel.dat, so might be I
> could read that file every second or so, but I also see a "Set Tx Freq"
> button, that I don't what it is used for.
> I would appreciate your advice.
> 73. Gabriel - EA6VQ

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