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[Linrad] Re: Map65IQ and softrock V9

Hi Jacques,

I am using Linrad with a V9 with Si570 LO and pre-selector ahead the V9
and it is working great. I also have been using SDR I/Q though not with 
Linrad/Winrad at another station and I like the Softrock at least as much 
as the SDR I/Q.
Using a preselector helps with the SI570 spurious signals  The SI 570 LO is 
not as clean as one would like. ( compared to the x-tal LO )

The softrock requires more care with avoiding ground loops etc
then the SDR I/Q. The softrock apprach also requires a soundcard.
( Delta44 in my case )

As a stand alone 10 meter receiver, this softrock has the same 
sensitivity on 10 meter as a Kenwood TS-850. 

I  have also been using a V7 version for 28 Mhz IF 

73 Rein W6SZ

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>From: Jacques RAMBAUD <f6bki@xxxxxxxxx>
>Sent: Mar 25, 2009 2:48 PM
>To: linrad@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
>Subject: [Linrad] Map65IQ and softrock V9
>The installation of MAP65-IQ  r1102 went so well (thank you Joe !!) that I 
>have now to find a solution for the hardware.
>I am considering to use a downconverter 144 to 28 MHz and then I see several 
>people using an SDR-IQ or Perseus to generate the IQ signals , How about 
>using instead a Softrock V9  ??
>Jacques F6BKI 

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