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[Linrad] Re: Some succes on an embedded ALIX system

Hi Xtof,

> I turned of the eyecandy and gained around 5%. Except for the
> decimation on the SDR-IQ which has a big impact, the others seem to be
> less important, gaining only a few %. Also, changing the color depth
> only gave me a few %.
OK. Good! Several times a few percent should add up to a significant

> I now reliably run a 110Khz slice in CW, with power consumption of
> around 10W, for the embedded card-HD combo....nice. I do get choppy
> audio once in a while, but toggling (not changing for 2>1, just
> toggling) seems to solve this (for say 10 minutes or so).
> Good enough for my microwave purposes.
> I ll do some more structured changes soon. In top, linrad takes about
> 55%, and Xorg about 15% - that s it!
Check your memory usage. Maybe part of the Linrad data area is
swapped to your hard disk. Ask for minimum storage times in case
this could be the problem. You use only 70% of the CPU and there should
no choppy output until you are very close to 100%. Maybe it could
help to set a smaller limit for the DMA rate. That could be the 
cure to allow other programs steal large time chunks without
destroying Linrad performance. (Except for the longer antenna to
loudspeaker delay - but another 50 ms more would not hurt on 
microwaves I guess.)


Leif / SM5BSZ

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