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[Linrad] Frequency scale in Linrad

Hello friends.

Use Linrad as front-end for MAP65 and WSJT.
To view an jt65 
signal, on the waterfall of linrad (SSB), shift the BFO to -1270.5 and filter 
to about 2.4 kHz.
The frequency in Linrad corresponds exactly to the specified 
frequency of MAP65 (+/- Doppler).
The audio output from Linrad, which uses as 
input for WSJT is perfectly focused (DF = 0) on the desired signal.

problem is that the scales of frequency of all windows of Linrad indicate a 
different frequency, that is without compensation of the BFO.
It is difficult 
to click on the signal desired in high resolution spectrum, especially when 
there are many JT65 signals in a few kHz.

How to get the right indication on 
the scales-frequency of Linrad  ?


73 Ermanno / ik7ezn

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