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[Linrad] Re: ANt pol - H / V

Hi Carsten,

> What i must do if i have 90 deg Phase between my H and V dipol an the ant boom ?
The same as everyone else. Look at the polarization readout for several
EME signals and estimate ellipticity. If you see a circle, add a 0.25 wl cable
to one or the other antenna cable. If you see an ellipse at 45 dehgrees with
ellipticity 50%, add o.12 wl to one or the other cable.

You would have long cables, many amplifiers and converters between 
the antenna and your soundcard so an extras 90 degree phase shift at the 
antenna is not significant.

Those who are clever enough to mount antennas in the X configuration
can easily adjust the cable lengths by use of a terrestrial signal.
With H and V you must use EME signals that are free from ground

> What is the right parameters that Linrad knows the phaseshifting between the antennas ?
> for example - M²´ 2M28XP 
That would be doable - but I have not implemented such a parameter.
It would have to be set experimentally anyway for reasons given above.

There is a merit in having proper phase relations in hardware in
case you would want to use other softwares to record the signal
entering into the soundcard.



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