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[Linrad] Re: Polswitching from H / V Antenna

Hi Carsten,
> I use a system with 8 times 14ele XPol antennas.
> I use Linrad 0308 in weak siganl CW and WSE
> Setings for POL is:
> 0
> +
> Auto
> H
> Channel 1 - horizontal
> Channel 2 - vertikal
> now Linrad calculated the pol 90 deg wrong !!!
> I checked with TS2000 and WSJT and the signals
> from the WSE / Linrad with 90 deg are all only on hori.
> When i change the antenna Inputson the WSE , i get the
> right pol. calkulation.
Maybe the cables are crossed somewhere....

> In MAP65 i have the problem , that i can see a trace - but MAP65 dignt 
> decode it
> automaticly. When i catch the QRG and decode manuelly  sometime its work.
> Any one knows this ?
Besides having the correct signal level into MAP65 you must also
have the correct time. Maybe WSJT searches in a slightly wider range
of time offsets than MAP65. Look for the time of those transmissions
that decode and make sure they fall well within the search window.
I do not have the details, but they should be available somewhere.
Something like -2 < dt < 5 


Leif / SM5BSZ

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