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[Linrad] Polswitching from H / V Antenna

hello all

I use a system with 8 times 14ele XPol antennas.
I use Linrad 0308 in weak siganl CW and WSE
Setings for POL is:

Channel 1 - horizontal
Channel 2 - vertikal

now Linrad calculated the pol 90 deg wrong !!!
I checked with TS2000 and WSJT and the signals
from the WSE / Linrad with 90 deg are all only on hori.

When i change the antenna Inputson the WSE , i get the
right pol. calkulation.

In MAP65 i have the problem , that i can see a trace - but MAP65 dignt 
decode it
automaticly. When i catch the QRG and decode manuelly  sometime its work.

Any one knows this ?

best 73 de Carsten

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From: "Leif Asbrink" <leif@xxxxxxxxxx>
To: <linrad@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Sent: Sunday, November 01, 2009 9:57 PM
Subject: [Linrad] 32 or 64 bit

> Hi All,
> Under Linux the Linrad configure script looks for various files
> to decide which packages are installed. This works for 32 bit
> versions of Linux, but when Linrad is compiled on a 64 bit
> distribution the test for things like libXext.so which is done
> like below may give a false positive.
> AC_CHECK_FILE( /emul/ia32-linux/usr/lib/libXext.so, LIBEXT="1")
> AC_CHECK_FILE( /usr/lib/libXext.so, LIBEXT="1")
> AC_CHECK_FILE( [libXext.so], LIBEXT="1")
> AC_CHECK_FILE( /usr/lib32/libXext.so, LIBEXT="1")
> AC_CHECK_FILE( /usr/PCBSD/local/lib/libXext.so, LIBEXT="1")
> The second and/or third test would give a false positive if
> the 64 bit version is installed but not the 32 bit version
> when running on a 64 bit distribution. Less likely, but possibly
> there could be a false positive when the 64 bit library is
> installed but not the 32 bit one on a 32 bit system.
> As a consequence of a false positive the make command would
> try to link with libXext and it would fail if there is no
> 32 bit library present.
> The next version of Linrad will have an interface to Portaudio
> which will allow Jack to interface to other softwares - but it
> would have to be 32 bit portaudio. I desperately need a way
> for the configure script to search for the presence of 32 bit
> libraries only. One way could be to to do the test for
> [libXext] and /usr/lib/libXext only on 32 bit distributions.
> - but what command would tell if the system is 32 or 64 bit?
> Any hints?
> 73
> Leif / SM5BSZ
> >

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