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[Linrad] Re: Networking issues

Hi Leif. Well I am making some progress, but still some issues.  First I
tried making the frequency range the same on both versions as you described.
I had tried that before but missed the idea that I had to hit 'apply' after
making the changes.  So when I tried it, I first set the lower value to 14.2
and the upper to 14.8.  But when I hit apply, the range changed.  The bottom
stayed close, but the top reduced down to around 14.5.  Tried that a few
times to make sure.

Then I opened both par_ssb_wg files and made the slave one be equal to the
master.  After doing that, I was able to get the range to approximate that
of the master, but could not get it to be exactly the same.  However I was
able to see the same signals in the range displayed.  But I still have the
problem where the level on the master has to be at least 10 db higher than
normal in order to get a reasonable signal on the slave.

And I still see that when I change center frequency on the master, the slave
does not know it.  It continues to show the old frequency range - even if I
change to a new band.  If I x-out twice on the slave and then hit D again,
the range will then reflect the new frequency.  However after changing from
20 to 40 meters and then to 80 meters, I noticed that the slave range was
somewhat expanded again.  The master showed 3.82 to 3.86 while the slave
shows 3.825 to 3.85.  I looked at the slave's par_ssb_wg file again and see
that some of the values had changed back to what they were before.

I attempted to make the files identical again, and now the slave always
errors out when I click on the waterfall to start audio out, with a message:

 [1058]Output can not start because the parameter "output delay margin ms"
is too small.
 Maybe the max DMA rate is set too low.

The max DMA rate was set to 100, but I tried changing it to 500 with no
improvement.  Something else must have changed but I am sure I did not make
any changes except in the par_ssb_wg file.  Replacing that file with the
original still does not cure the problem, so I cannot make any more tests
tonight.  Hopefully you can tell me how to fix this new problem.

Thanks, Russ K2TXB

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