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[Linrad] Re: Networking issues

Hi Russ,

> Leif, thanks for the advice.  I have now updated to version 3.08 on both
> master and slave (but made a copy of both linrad folders before updating.
> Then I copied linrad.exe and the two .lir files into the two linrad folders
> and built new par_userint files for both.  I set the network send and
> receive addresses to default values as well.
> The end result is pretty much the same as before.  Attached are two zip
> files, for master and slave, each containing a screen shots and some of the
> configuration files.  You can see that the frequency ranges and levels are
> significantly different.  It clearly does not seem to work right but I am
> clueless at this point...

You have zoomed waterfall graphs. Put the mouse on the frequency scale
of the main spectrum/waterfall and press F1.

When you set the frequency range the same in both instances of Linrad
you should see the same spectrum/waterfall. The parameters for the
main spectrum/waterfall are stored in par_ssb_wg These files must be quite


Leif / SM5BSZ

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