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[Linrad] Re: SDR-IQ Birdies - the Solution

2009/10/18 VK2KU <

I could clean up the lid easily, but cleaning up the box is another
I was worried about paint and other chips of stuff getting into the
fine circuit board.
I guess I could take the whole board out, but cleaning up the screws
was just easier.

I lost my way back here because I have to admit that this forum is not one of the most active in my listings. ;-)

OK, so today I decided to improve the connection between the upper and lower parts of my SDR-IQ.  I took apart the case of my SDR-IQ and soon realised that I could do a lot without any problems of scattering material over the PCB.

The first thing I did was to use a small file (I would have used a dremel but I could not remember where I had put it) to expose the metal around the various screw holes inside the upper box lid.

Then I looked at the lower casing.  Most of the screw fixings are on the other side of large metal walls.  So careful filing exposes metal around most of the screw holes.

The two  screw holes at the front of the lower case do need a bit more care, so I put a stiff card under the lip and then filed the paint away for those holes as well.  Removing the filings carefully from under the lip of the case.  I also filed the two lugs that the two back screws mate with to increase the metal to metal contact.

Unfortunately, once the case is put back together there is no obvious way to confirm connections but I will look out for any VHF Birdies in future.

I did consider smearing some copper based connection cream onto the exposed panels.  However, I do know that Aluminum and Copper don't get on well but as most Amateur Radio stations are either short lived, or replace connections regularly, this may not be a problem...

--... ...--
Dave (G0DJA)

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