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[Linrad] Re: Vista and Windows 7.

Leif Asbrink wrote:
> The single channel 
> ASIO driver in Winrad does not work properly under Vista while the WMME 
> driver works perfectly fine on my Pentium IV (but with a high CPU 
> load.) I do not know whether the ASIO problem is Vista itself or something
> in the Winrad code that is incorrect for Vista. (I installed Winrad
> by running the installer in XP compatible mode.)

  could you please elaborate a little on this ? As I told you on another 
group, I am about to
bring to life a quad core Intel CPU, on a mixed PCI - PCIExpress 
motherboard, and one
of the op-sys I will install on it, with a multi boot manager, is Windows 7.

So I would like to know which problems you have encountered with Winrad 
and Windows 7.
I did a short test a few weeks ago, when I installed the Release 
Candidate of Windows 7
on an old Asus laptop, with a Pentium M (Mobile) clocked at 1.4 GHz, and 
Winrad ran
without error, without using the XP compatibility mode. But I did not 
test the ASIO drivers,
as they do not exist for the chip set of that old laptop.

I will report my findings on the new PC, when completed, installed and 

73  Alberto  I2PHD


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