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[Linrad] Re: RX overrun error

Hi Jan,

I am running out of ideas that might help you debug your 
system, from a distance.  If a setup that works fine on your 
old laptop fails on the new one, there is clearly a problem 
in the way something is configured on the new one.  I have 
no experience with Vista, so I can't help there.  (I might 
add that I've intentionally stayed away from Vista because 
I consider it a "bloated" O/S, laden with eye-catching 
frills that have nothing to do with efficiency or 

Be that as it may, I do believe that Vista can be configured 
so that it will do what you want.  I don't know whether Leif 
has tried running Linrad and MAP65 on his new 8-CPU machine, 
under Vista?  If so, maybe he can tell us about it.

	-- 73, Joe, K1JT

Jan Karel wrote:
> Hello Joe,
> I have to apology for not fully correct information in my previous e-mail.
> When I started to try MAP65-IQ I used my old laptop, AMD Turion, 512 MB RAM
> and XP. MAP65-IQ works well, no problem. Then I tried MAP65 and I have
> problem I described earlier. I notice that 512 MB RAM is not sufficient for
> MAP65 and I tried my new notebook with Intel Dual 2 Core, 4 GB and Vista. I
> started again with MAP65-IQ and it looks fine so I went to MAP65. I tried
> today again MAP65-IQ on this notebook and there is problem with MAP65-IQ as
> well. MAP65-IQ receives data from Linrad with no problem, Drop 0.00%, but
> the very first decode somehow freeze the main window, the clock stops and no
> other decode. I can open for example options etc. It only stops clock, Moon
> and Sun data and no more decode lines in In the configuration window are the
> following messages:
> ******************************************************************
> MAP65-IQ Version 0.9 r1116, by K1JT
> Revision date: 2009-04-10 09:28:35 -0400 (Fri, 10 Apr 2009)
> Run date:   Thu Aug 27 21:06:14 2009 UTC
> Using Linrad for input, PortAudio for output.
> Will accept unicast data from Linrad.
> Audio    Output    Device Name
> Device  Channels
> ----------------------------------------------------------
>    4       2       Microsoft Sound Mapper - Output
>    5       2       Speakers (Conexant High Definit
>    6       2       SPDIF Interface (Conexant High
>    7       2       Line 1 (Virtual Audio Cable)
>    8       2       Line 2 (Virtual Audio Cable)
> Default Output:  4
> Requested Output:  8
> Opening device 8 for output.
> Audio output stream running normally.
> ******************************************************************
> Exception in Tkinter callback
> Traceback (most recent call last):
>   File "C:\k1jt\svn\wsjt\map65iq\buildmap65\out1.pyz/Tkinter", line 1345, in
> __c
> all__
>   File "C:\k1jt\svn\wsjt\map65iq\buildmap65\out1.pyz/Tkinter", line 456, in
> call
> it
>   File "<string>", line 1178, in update
>   File "C:\k1jt\svn\wsjt\map65iq\buildmap65\out1.pyz/Tkinter", line 1139, in
> con
> figure
>   File "C:\k1jt\svn\wsjt\map65iq\buildmap65\out1.pyz/Tkinter", line 1130, in
> _co
> nfigure
> TclError: invalid command name ".38032848.38033008.38033168"
> Waterfall continues and every minutes show new lines, clock on waterfall
> windows shows correct time.
> I checked it again on old AMD Turion notebook and MAP65-IQ still works well.
> All description of problems with MAP65 were correct.
> vy 73 Jan
> On Thu, Aug 27, 2009 at 4:46 PM, Jan Karel <ok1vao@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>> Hello Joe and others,
>> I am sorry for bandwidth, but I am starting to be desperate.
>> I changed the fft to MMX (16 bits) and I can set the RX level from about
>> -14 to +18 dB by volume control of a sound card. Unfortunately the problem
>> persists. Red No Rx data is irregularly flashing in about 1 second interval.
>> Meantime there is no dropped packets. It realy looks like network problem. I
>> also tried single PC configuration - local loop, but it looks very
>> similar. Windows reports CPU load bellow 30 % when both Linrad and MAP65 is
>> running on the same configuration.
>> Is there a big difference in LAN load (I/O requests) between MAP65-IQ and
>> MAP65? I am asking because MAP65-IQ works fine with default par files. Can
>> you send me your par files to get some ideas if I haven't mess anything in
>> Linrad?
>> Will it help if I send you the file and messages that windows show when
>> program crashed? It reports APPCRASH event in the module Audio.pyd
>> 73 Jan
>> On Thu, Aug 27, 2009 at 4:11 PM, Jan Karel <ok1vao@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>>> Joe,
>>> I will try to change fft2 to MMX and see if I can get RX levels close to
>>> 0.
>>> 73 Jan
>>> On Thu, Aug 27, 2009 at 3:40 PM, Joe Taylor <joe@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>>>> Hi Jan,
>>>>> Thanks for your reply. You ask if RX level that MAP65 shows is close to
>>>> 0,
>>>>> no it is not. It is very high, about 65 dB.
>>>>> Is this the problem?
>>>> Well, it is certainly *a* problem.  Hard to say, yet,
>>>> whether it's *the* problem.
>>>> I suspect it means that you have not chosen a fixed-point
>>>> FFT for the second FFT.  Off the top of my head, I forget
>>>> the version numbers that Leif uses here; but whatever
>>>> version you are now using -- I think probably a
>>>> floating-point one -- change to another.
>>>> When I'm home again I will check the FFT versions I'm
>>>> actually using.
>>>>        -- Joe
> > 

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