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[Linrad] Re: RX overrun error

Hello Joe and others,

I am sorry for bandwidth, but I am starting to be desperate.

I changed the fft to MMX (16 bits) and I can set the RX level from about -14 to +18 dB by volume control of a sound card. Unfortunately the problem persists. Red No Rx data is irregularly flashing in about 1 second interval. Meantime there is no dropped packets. It realy looks like network problem. I also tried single PC configuration - local loop, but it looks very similar. Windows reports CPU load bellow 30 % when both Linrad and MAP65 is running on the same configuration.

Is there a big difference in LAN load (I/O requests) between MAP65-IQ and MAP65? I am asking because MAP65-IQ works fine with default par files. Can you send me your par files to get some ideas if I haven't mess anything in Linrad?

Will it help if I send you the file and messages that windows show when program crashed? It reports APPCRASH event in the module Audio.pyd

73 Jan

On Thu, Aug 27, 2009 at 4:11 PM, Jan Karel <Joe,

I will try to change fft2 to MMX and see if I can get RX levels close to 0.

73 Jan

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