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[Linrad] Linrad & MAP65


let me introduce myself as I am new to this mailing list. Licensed from 1979 as OL1VAO, from 1983 OK1VAO. Primary interested in MW and EME. As a member of EME team OK1KIR I started to think about MAP65-IQ. My first contact with Linrad was at Prague EME conference 2002 where Leif presented it, but from that time any experience.

I was able to set up both the Linrad 3.05 and MAP65-IQ r1116 and all work fine with default par_ files.

Then I tried MAP65. I am using external sound device from Presonus Firebox. It is connected to PC via FireWire. After some problem, Linrad 3.05 works well, there are about 6 D/A sync errors after 5 hours. I have problem with MAP65. Regardless running Linrad and MAP65 on the same PS or on two separate PCs. I have problem with No RX data. In about 1-2 seconds red "No Rx data" appears, than it is fine; gray "Drop: 0.00%" and again No Rx data. It is not regular, sometimes it is almost immetiate, sometimes it is OK for 2-3 seconds.

I am using Lenovo W500, Intel Core2 Duo T9400 @ 2.53 GHz,3 GB RAM, MS Windows XP Pro with SP3. Linrad configured for 96kHz/24 sampling show less than 10 % CPU. I switch off all firewall, anti-virus and other "security" SW.

Any recommendation? I think that if all works fine for SDR-14 and MAP65-IQ, the problem is probably in Linrad settings. Can anyone share with me his par_files?

             73 Jan

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