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[Linrad] Firewalls in Windows ( * )

Hello All,

The communication between a so called "Linrad"  computer and computer,
functioning as the  "MAP65" computer in a network as required for
proper operation.is only partial functional.

File transfer is possible between the "shared" directories on the 2
machnes via a crossover cable and the 2
respective network cards installed in each computer.

In this project the data collected by the Linrad computer are to be
transferred to the other, the MAP65 computer,
for further processing.

Both computers have the Microsoft ( XP ) Firewall installed and

Is it possible that the firewall on the MAP65 computer is preventing
ethernet data flow from reaching the other

The Firewall has different settings and levels of protection
preventing access from the outside world.for the
computer in question.

The user of the computer can set exceptions to the protection scheme.
Defining programs that are allowed
to cross the fire wall.


"Windows Firewall is blocking incoming network connections except for
the programs and services below"
 { The list of exceptions )

Both computer are running the D4 programma to do timing corrections,
D4 communicates back and forth
with the selected timeserver.

D4 is listed in the exception list of both computers,

No effort was ever made to put  the D4 program as an exception on the

It is assumed that the D4 installation had a provision where it would
make an entry in the exception
list. ( no user action done or required )

During the process of configuring the Linrad / MAP65 combination
several combinations of the 2 programs
were at one time or another resident on the computers.

The Linrad computer has as entrees in the list among others:

LInrad 2.45

The MAP65 computer has as entrees in the list:

Several instances of MAP65
Several instances of MAP65-IQ

The question is should Linrad be on the list of the MAP65 computer?

Linrad transfers data to MAP65m while MAP65 does not communicate with

Could it be that  the absence of the linrad program as exception on
the MAP65 list causing
the failure to comminicate with MAP65?

For Firewall settings:

From start Menu

Left Click "Control Panel"

Left Double Click  "Windows Firewall"

Left Click "Exceptions"

BTW the MAP65 I-Q installed Linrad as a secundairy action, Linrad was
not installed by itself.

Should it have been?

Linrad does not appear in the "Add a Program" list

The "Add a program" list is to be used as an source of potential

73 Rein W6SZ

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