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[Linrad] Re: Linrad - MAP65 communication

Hello Rein,

> On the feedback part. 
> One needs to be very inviting and patient I think.
Yes, I have done my best. (But English is not my native

> Re this:
> >>I like to give an example. 
> >> 
> >> You talk about setting the addresses in the setup menu.
> >> It is the most logical thing to do, in my inquires with others
> >> I asked in several ways how and where to do it. The limit
> >> is that I never had the foresight to go there nor did any 
> >> of the the people that I contacted. Looking back now I certainly
> >>  feel stupid but I was not the only person not being aware of this
> >> it seems from here at least.
> >This is kind of interesting. Do you have any suggestion about how
> >to improve on this point?
> >
> >The user is supposed to press 'N', 'R' or 'T' if he wants to
> >use the network. If the network is not set up (there is no
> >file par_network) all three keys lead to the 'N' menu. 
> >(Which I perhaps should make more verbose.)
> It is really interesting I tried to do the networking first quite a while
> ago and then I did not get anywhere, Thought "lets wait, there will be questions
> and answers and you will understand howto it by then".
> The feed back part!
> Then thought that the system wanted to work perhaps with the 239,555.0.0 I think it
> is.  the 239 address hard programmed into Linrad )
> So I thought,  if I set manually the IP of the network card to that address
> it might perhaps work!
> Then I found for whatever reason I can not set the first block to 239, 
> ( 239 invalid should be < 223 )
> I guess I stppped at that time
> So that was some of the process here.

There is a need for a text about networking in general. I do not
know enough to write it myself. 

By the way, the source code package contains text files that
may contain relevant information:

> I have been programmed today to ask when it comes to communicating
> with instruments, programs and the like, the IP addresses?
That is because you normally want an error free link between
two (and two only) computers. 

> In short, my approach to computer problems is not
> necessary menu clicking. I don't dare to go into unknown
> area's when it comes to computers. ( dare is perhaps too strong )
> A generational thing I believe!
> "Don't turn knobs , move handles if you do not know what will happen"
Oooh! You are an old man.....
Look at the young ones. They turn and click wildly and expect to
be guided by feedback from the computer:-)

> I know from work experience many others and particular younger people
> act completely different.

> I suggest to add to the basic Linrad package 2 files, empty or with
> neutral text.
> par_netsend_ip
> par_netrec_ip
> The user is suggested to modify these files during network setup.
This is doable. I could put the address that MAP65 wants if someone
will remind me what it is.
The default would still be the same, but by typing -1 instead of 
something in the range 0 to 15 the address would be fetched from
the file.

> I tried to find and was asking for something along those lines earlier.
> Besides that to write ( we can do that ) a general piece about network
> issues in relation to LINRAD and MAP65 and perhaps about connecting
> computers to programs, instruments, black boxes.
Yes. That would be very good. Something about networks in general. With
a focus on local networks and some information about how packets
pass through switches. I think the default address of Linrad would
propagate to every computer on a local network through all switches
while packages on the MAP65 addres would only reach those parts
of a network that are needed th transfer data between the desired
computers. I really do not know, but I hope someone else will
be able to write something about this.

> Leif I believe you have a tendency to inform after one pushes. This means
> that if one does not push, one never learns or gets informed.
Well, I have written quite a lot of text that it seems nobody is reading.
By writing more about the wrong things I would only hide the important
information in "noise" There is a limit in how much people can read
without loosing interest.

> You also put the help files after the pushing, again what can I say, 
> remember it! 
That is true. Someone suggested this brilliant idea to me. I actually
never hit my mind before.

> This is nothing critical and perhaps it is not even quite true but
> I have that impression. Also this is only in relation to the linrad
> program
Well, it is certainly true - and I do need the pushes to be able to
understand what is creating problems.

> I like to know the way before I push.
But why? I try to create an interest in using Linrad for various
purposes. It is really easy to download and unzip the 3 files needed
for Windows. Unfortunately there is no installer with a beautiful
icon to place on the desktop, but that is because I have no idea how
to create such a thing.

I have had a feedback from someone who was not able to unpack
the zip file and type linrad in the command window and he would
have been helped by an installer. Maybe someone can help?

> It all comes down how one approaches
> to solve a problem or answer a question.
> BTW I have a whole bunch of questions about this part 
> the "R". "T" , "W" as well as "0" ) zero. But we can go 
> over this later.

> I like to suggest we start a new section with questions and answers 
> and that some one, you , I or who ever want to do this compiles a 
> file of the questions , answers and solutions, from the reflector
> content, with all the reflector house keeping removed. As this
> file grows it will be posted on the web,
This would be excellent. Meanwhile I will make changes whenever
appropriate to make Linrad behave in a way that makes as much as
possible of the information needless. (But it would have to 
remain correct.)
> For me at least, it is very difficult and time consuming to extract the 
> relevant info and details from the Google type of protocol. 
Absolutely. The idea is that you should find all the information
in Linrad itself after having read the newcomers page:

By selecting 'N' as the first keypress when starting Linrad for
the first time you will start in "newcomer mode." This way it
should be rather easy for a newcomer to get a working system
because many parameters will silently be set to default values. 

> For this job I don't want to push myself  but I can do it and post it.
> That is if no volunteers come forward. 
OK. Please start with a first question by describing shortly at what
point something is unclear. (And how you got to that point.) 
Perhaps we can arrive at some modification I can do in Linrad or 
in the Linrad for newcomers page that would solve the issue. 
In some cases that would not be possible because your questions 
may be related to a particular hardware (or to MAP65) and then 
there might be a need for an answer in your particular situation.

If someone could write a text that would fit on a single screen
I could add it in the help file so one coulöd press F1 to read it
during the network setup. Together with default files for 
par_netsend_ip and par_netrec_ip it seems to me that the problems
you have encountered with network setup should be solved.



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